Almost one-in-five residents in the Highgate and Archway areas say they have been a victim of crime in the past six months, according to a major survey conducted by the area’s Lib Dem councillors and Lynne Featherstone, the party’s crime spokesperson and Metropolitan Police Authority member.

In a survey of over 300 residents, 19.5% of respondents reported that they have been a victim of crime in the area in the last six months, with a total of just 22% saying they have seen a policeman on patrol in the area over the same period.

The Lib Dems says that the findings reveal the need for a greater police presence in the area, with more patrols and a permanent presence in Highgate – which has lost its police station along the Archway Road.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“These figures show a worryingly high figure, and make me fear that a lot of crime in the area goes unreported. It is vital that people report crime, even if this can be at times a frustrating process, as otherwise there will not be the necessary pressure for more police resources.

Highgate councillor Neil Williams adds:

“While the arrival of special constables in the area has been a boost to policing, we still need more police resources. Seeing ‘bobbies on the beat’ is vitally important, but people in Highgate also want somewhere where they can report crime. Both services are essential.”