Transport police have agreed to step up patrols at two local train stations after concerns expressed by Haringey councillor Lynne Featherstone.

Ms Featherstone raised concerns about the stations at Harringay and Hornsey after local residents reported that the station felt deserted and exposed, in particular the walkway connecting Harringay station to Quernmore road.

While the local train operator, West Anglia Great Northern, says there is no history of crime at two locations it has also reassured the Transport Police that it will keep up its own security patrols of the two sites.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“I am pleased at the prospect of more policing at the stations. Even though the crime figures may not suggest a particular problem, the dinginess and sense of isolation at some parts of these stations in the evening is definitely a concern to train users. We need to tackle the fear of crime, as well as crime itself, and these measures are a welcome step.”