Pinch, punch first of the month

… and off I go to Surrey Quays for a to meet a woman with a double buggy and the Lib Dem Deputy Leader of Southwark Council, Caroline Pidgeon.

The story is that bus drivers have discretion as to whether they let double buggies on unfolded or not. Now if you have two young babies/toddlers in a double buggy, how on earth are you supposed to get them out, keep them safe, fold the buggy and get all of that on the bus? It seemed this lady kept meeting bus drivers who exercised their discretion by driving off! Not good enough.

It was absolutely bucketing down and having fought my way from Highgate on the tube, I was not in high spirits. I got there early, rang a friend on my mobile and then when I came off the phone a message came through that the mother had rung Caroline to say one of the babies was ill and she couldn’t come. It happens – but not a great start to December!