Final battle commences as government proposes to end Haringey’s school funding woes

Lynne Featherstone MP is urging local residents to “seize the best opportunity for a decade” to change Haringey’s unfair school funding system after the government this week published plans to end the long-standing injustice caused by local schools getting outer London funding but paying inner London wages.

The announcement of the start of the second part of the much anticipated school funding consultation has been welcomed by Liberal Democrats as it proposes a fairer funding system for all schools and specifically mentions “6 London authorities who are required to pay inner London weighting to teachers, whilst receiving outer London funding,” which includes Haringey.

The current funding regime results in Haringey’s schools getting £1500 per pupil less than schools in neighbouring boroughs like Hackney. However if the new ‘combined approach’ is adopted as proposed in the consultation, the historic injustice of Haringey paying inner London wages but getting outer London funding will come to an end.

The Hornsey and Wood Green MP, who has been spearheading her ‘fair funding’ campaign since unearthing the anomaly in 2007, is now writing to thousands of residents, urging them to respond to the consultation, which is running until 11th October.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“It’s been a long, hard campaign, and the wonderful residents of Hornsey and Wood Green have been tirelessly backing me by signing petitions and responding to consultations to try and end this injustice.

“Labour recognised the unfairness, but in 13 years in power refused to do anything about it, until three months before getting voted out of office. One of the first things Liberal Democrats in government have done has been to announce that unfair school funding could notcontinue, and that this anomaly would have to be addressed.

“So here we are, a year into government, with Lib Dems putting clear proposals on the table to end Haringey’s historic injustice.

“Now I need the people of Hornsey and Wood Green to back me one last time, and seize the best opportunity in a decade to help end this injustice once and for all.”

Councillor Katherine Reece, Liberal Democrat Children’s Spokesperson, adds:

“School funding is a complex issue, and this is a complicated consultation. But that doesn’t mean we should shy away from responding – all of us want this injustice to end.

“If you want to help us fight for our schools to finally get fair funding, please get in touch with Lynne’s office on 020 8340 5459 or on to get straightforward guidance on how best to respond.

“And we have until the 11th October, so please help us spread the word, and help us finally get fair funding for our schools”

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  1. Education really is so important. As Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Equalities how about addressing the gender education gap please Lynne?

    In fact even acknowledging it would be a start as I’m not sure you’ve even done that in your hundreds of articles here!

  2. Big news on the gender education gap yesterday. Still waiting for Lynne to express her outrage at such inequality and the sexism of our education system.