From front page of the LibDem manifesto – into being

This week, a number of Liberal Democrat policies are coming into action that will make a huge difference to people lives. Over the next seven days, Liberal Democrat policy will:

· give £625m extra to our schools, aimed at the most disadvantaged pupils

· lift more than 800 thousand low earners out of paying income tax altogether

· give 23 million people a £200 tax cut (on basic rate taxation)

· ensure pensioners retiring now will be £15,000 better off over their retirement

Funding for the pupil premium, a longstanding and key Liberal Democrat policy, began on Friday April 1. We believe that education is the engine of social mobility and in the next year the pupil premium will see £625m extra going to our schools to give the most vulnerable children the best possible start in life. Over the course of the Government, funding will increase to £2.5bn.

That is £4.5 million for Haringey this year – and more every year this parliament.

As the new financial year starts – and some of the financial decisions come into reality – I hope that people can see that despite the very, very tough regime – the changes in finances are progressive.

0 thoughts on “From front page of the LibDem manifesto – into being

  1. Lynne – stop misleading people: the pupil premium is not ‘extra money’. The total schools budget is staying about the same (and per pupil funding is actually decreasing). The so-called ‘premium’ comes from within this overall schools budget – it’s a re-distribution of the existing cake.