AV – the facts

There is an excellent piece by FactCheck on the Channel 4 website here. FactCheck investigated the claims by the No2AV campaign that the cost of a Yes result in May will run well over £100m due to need to introduce electronic voting machines, as counting ballots manually under AV would be too difficult.

FactCheck find that:
They find the NO2AV’s claims are ‘fiction’
There’s never been any suggestion that electronic voting machines will be necessary under AV. Australia has used AV for 90 years has never had electronic voting, all counting is done manually.
As such there’s no estimate of how much it would cost as it’s simply not necessary and therefore not on the cards.
Furthermore, in elections in Northern Ireland and other countries where they use STV, a more complicated system, counting ballots is still done manually.

0 thoughts on “AV – the facts

  1. The fact that Lib Dems support AV is good enough for me. I’m voting NO2AV!!!!

  2. While it is quite offtopic, that “recall” petition must actually be quite comforting: out of 18,000 people who voted Labour against her in the last election, only 150 care enough to attempt to unseat her. That’s an amazingly high level of satisfaction from the opposition.

  3. The Lib Dem manifesto said:-

    “We will … give people the power to sack corrupt MPs.”

    Point is that it was just another broken Lib Dem pledge, so no-one bothered to sign the recall petition. If they ever fulfil the promise it’ll be goodbye to the whole party.

  4. Why would you be interested in anything democratic when you’re part of a right wing tyranny that got in based upon lies?

    Please leave AV alone – you’re bad publicity for it.

  5. Lynne, the people have spoken, and it doesn’t sound too good for the Lib Dems!!!

  6. Sixth in the Barnsley by-election behind Labour, UKIP, the Tories, the BNP and an independent.
    Lib Dem candidate loses deposit.
    Enjoy your last few days in politics, Lynne.