Athlone House

Went out for a walk in Kenwood yesterday. The sun was shining (for the first five minutes) and I love Kenwood and Hampstead Heath – nowhere better to see the seasons change. Kenwood was in beautiful autumnal colours and looking just wonderful.

The point of mentioning this is only to say that on walking out of Kenwood the way I exit you get the most wonderful view of Athlone House – one of the most amazing landmark buildings overlooking Hampstead Heath. This beautiful building is still under threat – despite proposals for its demolition being decisively rejected by Camden Council.

The developers are taking it to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in an effort to get Camden’s decision overturned.

It is absolutely vital that local people let the Inspector, Sian Evans, know how strongly local residents oppose the scheme. The Highgate Society has been fighting together with local people all the way against these proposals. They are campaigning (and I was handed a leaflet as I left Kenwood to this effect) to get local people tell the Inspector directly. The e-address is: you want to let the Inspector know how you feel about this or you can write to The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN. The reference to quote is: APP/X5210/A/10/2135357. There is more information on the Highgate Society website

How we arrived at this position is a matter of some interest itself. In 2005 planning permission to construct new flats in the grounds of Athlone House. In exchange – the developer agreed to maintain and restore Athlone House within three and a half years. Needless to say- the first part of the deal – ie the developer built the flats and made the gain by the sale of the completed flats but Athlone House has not been maintained and restored. A new owner is instead seeking to replace one of London’s finest Victorian Houses houses with a new one.

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  1. I wonder if you gave some thought to the many voters in your consituency who are suffering at the hands of loansharks as you enjoyed your walk? Perhaps you could tell your constituents whether you supported Early Day Motion 872 which is designed to protect consumers from the excesses of desparate loansharks.

  2. Very interesting Lynne, I am sure we will all support this campaign. In the meantime, have you made your mind up yet what you think about the coalition’s massive cuts in government funding of university tuition (about 40%) and the corresponding rise (up to £9,000, about three times the current maximum) in student fees?

  3. Lynne,

    Did you see the anger on the faces of 50,000 students? Are you beginning to understand how people feel about the way you and the Tories are setting about destroying the welfare state?
    If it wasn’t for the police, Lib Dem headquarters in Westminster would have got the same treatment as Tory HQ.
    I voted for you at the last election. I will never vote for you again. You will lose your seat at the next election.
    In the meantime, please remember that you are being paid to represent the views of your constituents.
    Please resign from this government NOW!

  4. Lynne, the coming week 15th – 19th November is Anti-Bullying Week. The Coalition promised that bullying, especially homophobic bullying, would be tackled.

  5. Dear Ms Featherstone

    Could you please apply pressure on camden council to restore the historic Athlone House, most local people agree that the house should be protected from demolition returned to it’s former glory.

  6. Lynne,
    i am concerned with the current state of Athlone House and hope you, as MP for Hornsea and Wood Green can do something to protect this local landmark.