Have your say………….

The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) is the independent body that aims to get the best out of the Met police. When I was a London Assembly Member – I was on the MPA for the whole five years I was there. It really does hold the Met to account – so definitely worth taking part in this survey.

The MPA try and ensure that all of London has a voice and the needs of Londoners are taken into account, especially when they set the annual policing priorities for the Met. To do this they consult as widely as possible and they want you to help.

Their ‘Have your say’ survey lets you to give your top three priorities for policing London and to suggest what the police should do to tackle them.

To complete the survey – either giving your name or anonymously – please complete the questionnaire online at: http://surveys.mpa.gov.uk/v.asp?i=22753hocwi

Alternatively you can call 020 7202 0063 to request a paper questionnaire or to complete the questionnaire over the telephone with one of our staff – whichever suits you best.

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  1. If the Metropolitan Police Authority “really does hold the Met to account” why haven’t the killers of Jean Charles de Menezes been brought to justice? Why are police officers still wandering about London with machine guns full of dumdums?

    Why have the PCSO’s in the case described in the story below not been fired (and sent to prison)?


    Why has so-called terrorist legislation been used over and over again to harass innocent people (especially photographers)?

    Did you think all these things were fine and dandy?