Liberal Democrats demand assurances on new school

Liberal Democrats have demanded clear promises from the Labour Council that Heartlands High School will be open in September after it emerged that builders have requested to move to work 24-hours a day.

Liberal Democrats are concerned that, with five months to go before the school is due to open, a move by contractors to working all night means that the project may be severely behind schedule – putting the school places of 162 children in jeopardy.

Furthermore, residents living close to the site are likely to be concerned that they will have to put up with noise throughout the night.

Cllr Gail Engert, Liberal Democrat Children and Young People spokesperson, comments:

“With five months until the school is due to open this is clearly not a last minute push to get final fittings finished. Working all day and night seems to show that this project is under severe pressure. We need clear assurances from Haringey Council now whether it will be on time, why we need 24-hour building work and to reassure parents and children starting at the school in September that it will indeed be ready and safe.

“We also need to be sure that local people will not be disturbed by the 24-hour work.”

Lynne Featherstone adds:

“It is vital for local families for this new school to be open. Labour need to come clean why 24-hour working is needed when they have been so sure it will be open in September.”