Whittington A&E – Story 1

Many people responded to my request for personal stories as to why it was so important that the Whittington A&E stayed open. I will publish one a day for the foreseeable future – to remind those putting forward the proposals and making the decisions – that this is about people’s lives not paper solutions.

Denise’s story:

I have to say I was aghast when I heard that the A&E department was under threat. I actually thought it was a rumour – that someone had got hold of the wrong end of the stick. I have signed the petition.

We have lived in Muswell Hill for 32 years and brought up our four children here.  We have had occasion to go to the hospital many times. Two of our daughters were admitted  (on different occasions) from the A&E department, one of them with a burst appendix. If we had had to drive any further to get her to a hospital I doubt she would have lived to tell the tale. More recently, we had to take our baby granddaughter to A&E because she started having breathing difficulties. She was seen quite quickly and given treatment, though not by the duty paediatrician because he was trying to save the life of a smaller baby who had just been brought in by ambulance.  Again, the thought of having to drive for miles with a very sick child is horrendous. The Whittington A&E department is always busy. It beggars belief that anyone could think it should close.

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