Whittington A&E threatened closure – Protest March – 12 noon 27 Feb

Managed to get to the meeting of the Defend the Whittington Coalition last night. The key issues being decided were the route of the march, the speakers, the publicity, banners, placards and so on. Credit to the organisers – as it is a lot of work to get this together.

We all need to take part in this protest. Given that the ‘options’ for the future of A&E at the Whittington currently (in their draft form) contain four options out of seven that end 24/7 A&E – we need to demonstrate just how much anger there is amongst local people.

So – demonstrate we will. I will post final times and locations for the various stages of the march and rally as soon as I have them.

0 thoughts on “Whittington A&E threatened closure – Protest March – 12 noon 27 Feb

  1. This is an economic problem, the country is steeped in debt so we need to make cuts.

    I admire you determination on this, but I think the Lib Dems need to look at the bigger picture; the housing market has been used as a vehicle for hoovering up all the wealth and as a country we simply cannot afford all the public services we want now.