Crouch End lap-dancing application rejected

Thank goodness! Councillors turned down the lap-dancing club application in Crouch End. It’s been a very long and hard fought campaign – so congratulations to Alison Lillystone and all of the local people who worked so hard to present such a brilliant case. My LibDem colleague Cllr Dave Winskill has been working with the campaign group every step of the way – and I have done whatever whenever I could to help.

The report says the applicants may go to the courts and appeal the decision – but I hope they don’t. The new laws coming into effect soon change the status of the license that lap-dancing clubs need. Currently they only need the same license as a club or pub – but under the new laws they are classified as ‘sex-encounter establishments’ and will need a different license – one in which the location plays an even stronger determinant than currently.

So – as they have lost at this point, the chances of them getting a license under the new laws are even less. And they may be considering trying to get in before the law change – but in the Commons I pushed the Minister to state quite clearly that even if they were to succeed and get a license now – they would still have to apply for a new license as soon as the laws come in.

In the end – this is about location. That has always been the point and the reason for upset for local people. This was just the wrong place.

0 thoughts on “Crouch End lap-dancing application rejected

  1. I didn’t know you’d applied to be a lap dancer in Crouch End? ;o)

    A ‘lap dancer’ in ‘Crouch End’ . . . there has to be a joke there somewhere.

    Great conference for the LibDems BTW Lynne. Hopefully you will overtake Labour soon and become the official opposition party to the Tories.

  2. “licence” please (Obama hasn’t taken us over yet, and from the events of the last few days, doesn’t want to, but perhaps he also doesn’t want the Tories to take over).
    Pedantry apart, I hope that this Crouch End decision has set a precedent.

  3. Thanks to you and Dave Winskill for your work on this, I think your involvement really helped.

  4. Congratulations!
    I am delighted at the success of this effort. Now we want a change in the law to protect other areas as well.