Speaker speak to me!

I am a floating voter in today’s election of a new Speaker. I just got back from doing BBC Breakfast talking about same. I am certain I want someone who understands the game is up – someone who can walk the establishment into the light of the modern era. I want an end to stupid traditions from the absurdity of the new Speaker having to be dragged to the Chair – sheer pantomime -to the use of arcane forms of address in the Chamber. I want an end to partisan speakership. I want someone who knows that the only way to save Parliament is to break the chains that bind us.

The interviewer this morning said to me that I was a reformer so why hadn’t I put myself forward given I had signed the old Speaker’s death warrant. Well – outside of the fact I would almost certainly fall asleep in the Chair – I only entered in 2005 and you need to command respect across the House (and that takes a little longer) and I am a campaigning and doing MP – the real problem with a reformer per se is that it will take a traditionalist who has seen the light and understands what needs to be done to take that establishment body forward. Anyway – the Norman Bakers of this world who really could take the agenda forward – didn’t put themselves in the frame.

So – I will listen to the hustings and see what each candidate offers. I couldn’t give a fig which party they come from – as the person who gets my vote will genuinely have to put partisanship behind. And then I will give my vote to the person who persuades me that they really understand what has happened and the game is up, the gentlemen’s club is no longer – and it’s time for change. Yes we can!

0 thoughts on “Speaker speak to me!

  1. Given that the expenses scandal has had it's fair share of corrupt female politicians, not to mention those with all sorts of other demographics not usually associated with such clubs (eg ethnic minorities) I think the term gentleman's club in highly inappropriate language here.I do appreciate the point Lynne is trying to make, but feel far more accurate and inclusive language could be used.perhaps would be more appropriate to describe it as a corrupt union, with the members trying to gain as much money as possible for the least amount of work. They're only worried about themselves rather than the impact of their actions on the wider community.

  2. Did Beckett really just mention the poll tax in her speech?Had my suspicions she would be one of worst candidatest but that really does prut her way below anyone else.She's be a disaster for Parliament and the country as a whole.