Jacksons Lane: Arts Council confirm Haringey u-turn was required

For the avoidance of any doubt as to Haringey Labour’s last minute conversion in terms of stumping up some funding – and how without it there wouldn’t have been Arts Council funding – here’s the Arts Council press release on the matter:

Following receipt of a commitment from the London Borough of Haringey to double its investment in Jacksons Lane, as well as seriously considering the investment required in the building, the London Regional Council of the Arts Council England has agreed to award one further year of funding to Jacksons Lane at £135,712.

This is subject to Haringey Council and Jacksons Lane agreeing to conditions regarding continued business growth, and the development of a realistic refurbishment scheme for the building.

Moira Sinclair, Executive Director of Arts Council England, London said:

‘This was a very welcome last minute offer by Haringey, without which we would not have been able to continue our commitment to Jacksons Lane.

‘We retain serious concerns about the financial viability of Jacksons Lane and the physical condition of the building, and will be working closely with Haringey over the next 10 months to ensure that these are addressed.’

In early 2010 the Arts Council will review the progress which Haringey and Jacksons Lane have made and make a decision on further funding at that point.