Get help on cutting your fuel bills this Friday

I’m taking part in an energy efficiency event on Friday, 12th December from 11.30am-2.30pm, Salvation Army Hall, 24 Lymington Avenue, Wood Green, N22 6JA (map here).

I’ve paired up with government-backed energy efficiency provider Eaga (which administers the Warm Front programme) for this event, and The Energy Saving Trust along with pension, public health and housing advisers will also be present – in other words, the full range of people to give advice on how to save energy and the help available. Between 11:30am-1:30pm I’ll be holding an extra surgery for constituents, so people can directly raise any specific issue.

I know many local people are struggling with rising energy bills on top of the financial crisis, so I hope many will pop along to get an MOT on their energy use and get advice on the grants available. Hopefully many will find out how to save themselves a small fortune.

They will be able to get expert impartial advice on grants available and the simple steps which will save the planet and their purse.

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  1. Energy costs are a huge burden for the majority of people nowadays and it’s great to see events like this taking place.I ran an event called Home Camp a couple of weeks ago. We gathered a group of 50 programmers and internet developers at Imperial College London and spent the day looking at developing software and services for energy monitoring in the home. The main force for this was Current Cost meters, which easily allow you to see what your electricity usage is. Since I installed my current cost meter, I have reduced my electricity usage to a third. All the energy companies offer a current cost meter free of charge with a green energy package. While it might not be the answer we all want, it certainly focuses the mind on electricity usage and changes behaviour.More details about homecamp here if anyone wants to find out more:

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