Wards Corner: Lib Dem joins delegation to Mayor over arrogant Haringey Council

Tottenham’s leading Liberal Democrat joined a delegation of local residents to City Hall on 26th November to demand that the London Mayor call a halt to the controversial Wards Corner Development at Seven Sisters. Tough barrister and Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate David Schmitz has been giving free legal advice to the Wards Corner campaign for the past year.

David Schmitz says the Mayor has powers to halt to the development. He warned London Deputy Mayor Simon Milton of the inadequacy of the developer’s assurances that the popular Latin American market would be protected, along with the livelihoods of those who depend on it, once the present structure is torn down.

David Schmitz, Liberal Democrat PPC for Tottenham, comments:

“The developer’s offer of help to the traders just isn’t good enough. They have said they will pay compensation to the traders which they can then pool together to keep the market going while the development is underway.But we have no idea where the market can find a temporary home, and we have no way of knowing whether the money will turn out to be enough, when it is needed.

“It is clear that the Mayor has the powers to take action against the arrogance of Haringey Council – but is he willing to use them? Not only does the Mayor have planning powers; through London Underground, he controls much of the land that is to be built on. If he says no, the scheme simply cannot happen.

“I hope the Mayor will listen to the pleas of residents and take action. Anything less would be a huge let down.”