Good news on school places

Hurrah – my Liberal Democrat council colleagues have at last managed to get Haringey Council to hold a consultation on whether to expand Rhodes Avenue Primary school.

In May 2007 Councillor Gail Engert (Muswell Hill ward) revealed a shocking primary school place ‘black hole’ – out of the 110 children across all of Haringey who did not receive any of their four school preferences for a reception place, 25 came from Alexandra ward alone. (It’s only one out of nineteen wards, but more than one of five of the children without one of the four choices came from there.)

The consultation on whether to expand is long overdue – but it’s good to see our long-term campaigning on this paying off.

0 thoughts on “Good news on school places

  1. Consultation? Great!! How many years before we get action then?If the case is proven (and I cannot see how it wouldn’t be). Expansion should be immediate using the latest Modern Methods of Construction to ensure that yet more children aren’t forced out of their community to receive education.

  2. You’ll have seen this. past figures we will not be able to get our child into the 4 nearest primary schools. As we both work, we may be forced to go private. They’ve had enough tax of us over the years. We should be compensated if they cannot provide the service we’ve paid for and expected to be able to use.