What do you think when you see Barack Obama on the TV?

I’ve expressed my doubts about Barack Obama previously, but – whether or not it helps propel him to victory in the Democrat selection contest – his victory in the Iowa caucuses (an overwhelmingly white state) comes with huge symbolic resonance in a country where race relations are so often strained and racial divides are so often so very stark.

This post seems to capture the raw emotion of what his victory meant to many American blacks – it’s a bit long, but well worth reading to the end – especially for its account of what went through the author’s mind whilst watching Obama speak on TV.

0 thoughts on “What do you think when you see Barack Obama on the TV?

  1. Despite personally supporting Hilary Clinton to eventually become the Democrat candidate for Presidency, I must affirm that Barack Obama seems very knowledgable and potentially a strong candidate for Presidency. He is certainly very knowledgable and likeable. However, people should not be voted into power simply because they are white, black or any other ethnic origin, which is racially divisive and simply wrong. There is an increasing number of online and public discussion about Barack and his ethnic origin. To be frank, his race is irrelevant, it is his policies and views that matter to me personally. A man’s race will not contribute to strengthening the United States economically, socially or politically, only his policies as President will. I don’t see him as black candidate, I see him as a candidate seeking the Democrat candidacy for Presidency. Anyhow, in a country where racism remains epidemic, it is certainly encouraging to see minorities playing an encouraging role in the democratic process. Every member of the American electorate ought to first assess the policies and views of these two candidates seeking the democrat candidacy. In addition, I have my personal reasons for backing Hilary over a number of policies which clearly will enhance America’s position in the world.

  2. Lynne, can I say how pleasantly surprised I am to see Mash has finally come over to the left! I have seen a couple of his comments in the past and he has come across as a pretty hard core Tory. I am retired and so find myself with a lot more time on my hands, which allows me to look at comments etc and- who ever persuaded Mash to come and join the other side, certainly deserves much credit! Ill say that much! Although Lynne im sure you must have used your charm and wit- after all he is backing a strong, female, intelligent, popular and canny political operator in the Democrat party- reminds me of someone: Lynne Featherstone MP!Keep up the great work Lynne, we are all behind you- even tories like Mash! And who said pigs wouldnt fly!

  3. Firstly, let me begin by saying to “anon” if you want to debate with me, perhaps you could stop concealing your identity. I know who you are, I am not that stupid, clearly your warning from the Tory party was not enough. Secondly, I have not come over to the left, where you have no evidence to base your absurd allegation? I am a Conservative, not a Liberal Democrat. I deserted the Lib Dems for purely reasons which I offered the party. Not only myself, another Lib Dem councillor decided to defect to the Labour party. I am not a member of Hilary’s campaign, however, I am entitled to express my opinions on the affairs of the American government. I am retired? Clearly you are not retired, you are a young school student. I think me and my friend Justin know exactly who you are. In regards to Lynne Featherstone, there are positive traits and several weaknesses about our MP.However, it is my choice to seek out the positives and negatives. As a Tory, why should I not trail the voting record for my local MP or the useless Labour councillors of Haringey in their voting record? I would b surprised if you were paid by the local Lib Dems to write this message. Thanks