Liberal Democrat health amendment supported by Labour

In a rare, yet welcome, show of unity with the Liberal Democrats, the Labour Council group unanimously supported a Liberal Democrat amendment to a motion at the Full Council meeting on 16th July 2007. Lib Dems believed that the Labour motion did not go far enough to ensure full consultation of local residents, on issues such as relocation of services and the provision of transport provision to new health care facilities, would be carried out.

Carolyn Baker, Lib Dem Health Spokesperson, comments:

“We welcomed the Labour motion, but felt it didn’t go far enough. We want Haringey Council to set out concrete proposals to the local Primary Care Trust (PCT) for consultation with local people. We want to see all people being properly consulted over the potential relocation of their GP services to polyclinics.

“We also want to see detailed consultation with local people over the relocation of every service at St. Ann’s that serves a local need. In addition, we wish Haringey Council to urge the PCT to consult with relevant bodies over transport provision to any new health care centres and to ensure that where it is not possible for people in need to reach medical care individually, care is provided in the home or transport arranged by the facility.

“We welcome the fact that the Labour Council decided to agree with our points and that the Council could act unanimously over this issue.”