The Green Tax Switch

It’s the big Lib Dem Green Tax Switch campaign week at the moment, so today we held our own street stall. This is a national campaign to get people to sign up to our Green Tax Switch ( And Lib Dems up and down the country are having street stalls to back the campaign. I was on our stall on Crouch End Broadway, and after a bit of early rain – the sun came out.

The big idea is to begin the move away from taxing work towards taxing the polluter – and whilst the overall tax take remains neutral – as well as helping to stop Climate Change (one of the two biggest threats we face) it also allows us to lift the bottom 10% of people out of tax altogether and cut the basic rate of tax by two pence in the pounds for everyone. (That’s not two pence off the your tax bill, but rather more!). It is a real shift in taxation policy – and already we are seeing the other parties having to come onto our territory. I am just glad that the environment is now centre stage and that we are able to force the issue politically.

It’s so great when you are doing a street stall and you see someone rushing by with both hands full of shopping as one lady did and then – as you mention ‘climate change’ – they stop! It’s the last thing they want to do with hands full and rushing about – but their conscience will not let them pass. Thank goodness so many people really care about the future and took time to fill in the Green Tax Switch sign up cards.

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