First meeting of new council group

Our new Council group (plus me and a few others) meet for the first time to get ourselves organised. It is so fantastic to be in such a big group. You have no idea what the first four years were like when there were just three of us Lib Dems – myself, June and Julia versus 54 Labour councillors. It was just as if they were in a big gang – and bolstered by their numbers the bully boy tactics they employed steeled me in politics. Then after the 2002 local elections when we went to 15 – it felt much better. But still the chamber had rows on the Labour side of seats – and our side had only two short rows. But now – it is virtually even. I bet the bully boys will have lost a great deal of their bravado when the Council sits in future. Just a bit sad I won’t sit there myself – as I am no longer a Haringey councillor. Anyway – much inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the new group – I think the road ahead augers well.