Missing transport targets

Today, I publish a ‘dossier’ of the Mayor’s missed targets.

The Mayor and Transport for London are set to miss six out of thirteen key transport targets set by Government according to the Transport for London Business Plan.

By 2010 a range of targets will be missed, including:

– Reducing congestion in London – it is set to increase by 8% from 2000 levels by 2010

-Cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 12.5% and CO2 emissions by 20% from 1990 levels to help Britain comply with the Kyoto Protocol

– Meeting National Air Quality strategy objectives for reducing the amounts of Nitrous Dioxide and Particulate Matter 10 in London’s air

For all Ken’s talk on reducing congestion, improving air quality and being a champion of the environment – he sure has failed to deliver.

Reducing congestion was Ken’s flagship policy and yet the figures reveal that despite the huge success of the Central London Congestion Charge, the Mayor has not begun to even touch on congestion in other parts of London.

Nearly all the money has gone to supporting public transport to get people in and out of the centre so the Congestion Charge would work.

Well hurrah! It does – but there is virtually no improvement in public transport in outer London so people still – four years later – have no choice but to use their cars. And to add insult to injury – the five year business plan the Mayor is announcing today still says absolutely sweet FA on improving orbital public transport.

Later, off to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for a Black History month reception. My goodness! You wouldn’t believe this building. Most of us wouldn’t know it existed as it is in a private-ish road next to Downing Street.

As you go across courtyards into the Locarno Rooms – the overwhelming decoration and opulence of an era long gone are so in your face. Not my taste however, and jolly difficult to walk in high heels on mosaic tiles.

That having been said, it was a great juxtaposition to have a steel band playing in this bastion of British tradition. Speeches by Trevor Phillips and Mike O’Brian – followed by networking. Met a really interesting woman from South London who works with 18-25 year old black youngsters to train them as youth workers. She had taken seven of them to a black township in Soweto. She was saying how extraordinary it was to have to explain to black youngsters from London what apartheid actually was. Fantastic mission and eye opener. Very impressed with her and invited her to come to City Hall to talk further.